Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this?  Who are you? Where am I?

Starseeking is a webcomic and labor of love I draw and write in my spare time.  It is currently on HIATUS, due to unfortunate time constraints. The original script was written in 2000, when I was about seventeen.  I dug it up again and began re-writing it in summer-winter of 2016.  (Fun fact!  Writing a futuristic dystopic sci-fi epic while watching the world burn around you is h o r r i f y i n g.  It nearly broke me.)  The entire story was plotted out like a movie, and although it is currently on pause, I hope to resume weekly updates next year, completing the story in late 2022/early 2023.

How do you approach comics-making?

I have never worked professionally in comics, so my process is a mess.  The script for Starseeking was written like a regular movie script.  Once I finished a draft I was happy with, I thumbnailed it out, dividing it up into 20-page chunks.  From there, I rough, clean, color, and render each "chunk" in Photoshop, working page by page.  I continue to re-write as I thumb, sometimes (but not always) going back and changing dialogue I'm not happy with, or adjusting the way the story flows down the line.  Doing the thing in 20-page chunks helps with that; it means if I decide something's not working I don't have to toss a bunch of finished drawings, only thumbs.  Once I finish an act, I'll look through it with a critical eye, making notes of things I want to fix, or that bug me.  Then I go back and address the notes.  Sometimes I cry a little.  Mostly I drink and curse my own name.

Are you planning to publish a physical book?

Yes!  As my readership grows, my goal is to create enough interest to kickstart a pdf and/or a physical book when Starseeking wraps.

Do you make money from this comic?

I do not.  One time I made three shiny pennies from ad sales but threw them into a fountain in a fit of whimsy!

How do you pay your mortgage, then?

I have a day job making cartoons, which is a lot like making comics, but faster, louder, and involving more people.  I directed on Bojack Horseman, Final Space, and am currently doing the same on Fox's Duncanville.

How do you find time to make a comic between working and existing.  Do you sleep?

I try to carve out small chunks of time every day to get a little bit done.  Even if it's just inking a couple of panels, at least I'm moving forward!  I also try to devote larger chunks of time over weekends, holidays, and hiatuses to get bigger stuff finished.  It's hard to stay motivated occasionally but having a small, daily goal helps greatly.  Plus I've got an excellent husband who supports me in my crazy endeavors and feeds me when I forget to eat.

Who designed your website? What platform do you use?

The Starseeking site was designed and built by Jason White, using Wordpress!
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