Page 2 of 2. This observatory building might look familiar – a lot of these layouts are based directly off of photos I took at Chabot Science Center, on a SF trip back in 2017. So, familiar buildings…but more, you know, bombed out. I actually remember visiting an older, less glossy Chabot for a field trip in the mid 90s, but by this point on the historical timeline, especially after a civil war, I figured the older building would be pretty much toast.

Another note – the “War.” If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed this story takes places in a seceded California, some 50-odd years after the end of the so-called Second Civil War. For these characters, that war is kind of like WW2 would be for folks my age growing up in Europe in the 90s. Some of the effects can be seen – the bombed out observatory, for example – but the major hardships have largely been relegated to “grandpa’s time.”

I went kind of in-depth with world building while making this site; if you’re interested, you can find it up top, under the “cast” link.

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